How to Join the Lady Prospects?

Our programs hold workouts and practices on the weekends and weekdays at various times. Though you may have participated for other teams in the past, we invite you to take part in our open gym workouts or practices. This does not commit you to the Lady Prospects. Our remarkable record, level of competition, and exposure is what makes our program special. We’d like to invite you and your parents to a workout to see what our program is about. If you can not make a workout or practice, please feel free to contact a staff member about our programs.

Club History

Since its enception in March of 2005, the Lady Prospects have grown to be one of the top club girls basketball programs in Kansas. Because of our success, we have been invited to participate in several events around the Midwest and across the country. The Lady Prospects play in these events against other elite programs. These programs and events are the apex in girls basketball and attract a majority of college recruiters and coaches to view players for scholarships. Because the Lady Prospects are invited to these events, it gives our members a head-start, and premier advantage over other players from other programs. Through our skill development and competition program, the player advances to the next level of competition with self-confidence.


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Joey Franzitta (Coach) -

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Why the Lady Prospects?

The Lady Prospects Basketball program, run by Phillipe McCree, is open to participation by all student-athletes between the ages of 11 and 17 years. Our programs form teams that participate in MAYB, U.S. Junior Nationals, skill sessions, and development programs to help the athlete aspire to the best of their ability. Our primary goal is development. When a player enters our program, they leave a better player; hopefully a college-scholarship player. Besides competition, our programs require each player to participate in skill development sessions. These skills are then enhanced through proper coaching and competition set up by the Lady Prospects coaching staff.